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Saber with Scabbard

  • Dated: 19th century
  • Culture: Turkish
  • Medium: steel, gold, gilt brass, diamonds, emeralds, pearls
  • Measurements: overall length 39 3/4 inches (100.97 cm)
  • Provenance: Sultan Murad V

The most important ceremony in the inauguration of many Islamic rulers was the investiture with a sword, rather than a crown. This extravagantly decorated saber traditionally is said to have been refitted in 1876 for the investiture of the Ottoman sultan Murad V (reigned May 30–August 31, 1876).

He suffered a nervous breakdown before the ceremony and subsequently was deposed and kept a prisoner until his death in 1904. The sword was probably assembled by a court jeweler, using a seventeenth-century Iranian blade, an eighteenth-century Indian jade grip, and gem-studded gold and gilt-brass mounts of contemporary workmanship.

The emerald near the top of the scabbard opens to reveal a secret compartment containing a gold coin marked with the name of Süleyman the Magnificent (1494–1566), the most powerful Ottoman ruler of the sixteenth century. The underside of the emerald is inscribed with the phrase “According to God’s will.”

Source: Copyright 2014 © The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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A lot of your characters might have weapons they’re proficient at. Unless they’re already pros before the beginning of your novel, you might have to explain their training. This can be difficult, especially if you have absolutely no idea how to use that weapon.

I decided to link to a few…

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Nagisa keeps texting Rei’s number, keeping him updated with the group and daily happenings. Every time he says goodnight, Nagisa keeps crying himself to sleep.

"You can still get my texts up in heaven, right?"

My comic does this post no justice— original post by dostmotherknowyou!!


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[RE] [Spoiler] But you didn’t. by wingfung521

Derivative work of 9gag.com/gag/a5dj2bo/but-you-d…

It’s my first time to draw this kind of comic.
I was crying when I draw this, It’s still hurt.

I asked myself, should i change this to happy ending?
but I just leave it as it is.
Whatever, I believe Piers is still alive.

Please visit to the original work, it’s amazing: )

[About Share]
I’m sorry to make it so long,
Please be sure you don’t scale down too much or it may hard to read the text.
And of course, please keep my credit, thank you so much!

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Imagine your OC as a kid pretending to be a dragon.


Imagine being stuck in a dungeon maze with your first ever OC (yes that one) as your only companion for the journey through the labrynth. Each new room based on the next you created. Continuing until all of your character rooms had been completed.



i’m not kidding the worst sound ever is the crack in the voice of a person who is about to cry

No it’s when you present evidence in Ace Attorney and the music keeps playing

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I’m back again with another LAD music video, except it’s an attempt to make a cheesy romantic comedy trailer. Special thanks to these people specifically! (I asked for their permission) Lownly | Marco’s VA | Jean’s VA | Johannathemad | Bubblline

yes excuse me, I have risen from the grave to reblog this, thank you

This is pretty gay.